Business Analyst Microservices/SAFe

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Job Description


Job Description:

Analysis and structuring of EPICs and definition of user stories qualified by Definition-of-Redy. Solution alignment with partner systems.

Required skills:

· Insight into to the design of business customer processes in den backend systems (like CARMEN, CRM-T), e.g. various meanings of "Rahmenverträgen" in FN/MF

· Knowledge of the business customer portfolio (esp. FN/MF, KMU-Segment)

· Experience with Microservices architecture and - technologies (REST-Services, API, SpringBoot etc)

· Experience with decoupling strategies and usage of bus systems

· Knowledge of TMF-APIs

· Experience with data protection and -securty requirements (PSA) and solution strategies

· Experience with non-functional requirements (availability, response times) for front ends and solution strategies

· Experience with agile development based on SAFe


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