Job Opportunity for Programme Manager_Contract_Remote (UK)

Smartedges Solution
Remote (UK), LND
United Kingdom

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Security Clearance Required
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The Job Role Involves:

We require a dedicated programme manager responsible for :

· Analyse programme and project management draft service requirements for the overall programme and for the individual work packages

· Provide input in the consortium structure and on skills required for writing the full proposal

· Write bid contents related to the programme and project management service requirements, i4.

· Coordinate input and contents from the bid team which will consist of specialists in each area.

· Contribute to the identification of consortium partners and participate or lead discussions and negotiations with partners supporting the bid sponsor.

· Programme and project management

· PMO establishment

· Business development

· Marketing and Comms including social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

· Database management, website design and development, CRM, application form web-portal

· Technical: Green Heat network specialism

Smartedges Solution
Sriram T

Remote (UK) LND
United Kingdom