Media and Communications Officer (Temporary)

Siamsa Tíre, National Folk Theatre of Ireland
Town Park
Tralee, CO.KERRY V92 XW44

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Employment Type
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Part-Time Temporary

Job Description


Siamsa Tíre, The National Folk Theatre of Ireland

Media & Communications Officer (Temporary) Recruitment Pack

Contract: This is a temporary fixed term contract of employment to enhance organisational capacity until 30th June 2021.

Pay: €20.00 per hour (FTE rate on 40-hour week of €41,600 gross)

Hours: Average a minimum of 15 hours per week. The hours may occasionally vary according to the operational needs of the business. Flexibility on hours is a requirement of the role e.g. project delivery may require multiple consecutive days work for which paid Time Off in Lieu will be provided.

Line Management: Reporting to the Sales & Marketing Manager or other such person as may be assigned by the Executive Director. The employee may work alongside staff, volunteers, and work experience students from time to time.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Monday 29th March 2021.

***Applications should be emailed to the email address provided. Hard copy materials and applications will not be accepted.

Applicants must send an email with the words Media & Communications Officer in the subject line of the email and must attach:

  • a) a cover letter that gives an insight into your approach to your work.
  • b) a CV that clearly demonstrates how your qualifications and professional experience meets the job and skills requirements.

Job Description:

The Media & Communications Officer contributes to the achievement of Siamsa Tíre’s strategic plan and the development of Siamsa Tíre’s arts and cultural programmes by enhancing our capacity to maintain a prominent profile for the organisation through positive representation with stakeholders and in a range of media.

Reporting to the Sales & Marketing Manager, the Media & Communications Officer will develop and implement a range of media strategies to support Siamsa Tíre’s needs to communicate with our public and stakeholders about our core values, activities and impact, raising awareness of the organization and contributing to its long-term sustainability.

The work of the Media & Communications Officer will support Siamsa Tíre’s vision for a future where people of all ages and backgrounds can explore, understand, feel at home and enjoy Irish folk culture, its past, present and future, and where people can be their full selves, now, here, together. Irish folk culture is not a tangible object. It is the living cultural heritage of rural Ireland in us, now, here, together, being ourselves. It is a value system, a philosophy, a way of living, thinking, behaving and being. It is part of Ireland’s acknowledged soft power in world affairs.

Irish folk culture is characterised by a deliberate contemplation of our most ancient histories to navigate our present and shape our future. This core foundation understands life as a fleeting moment on the continuum of human existence. Irish folk culture embraces the pain, the joy, the light and the dark, that comes from acknowledging our individual impermanence and provides comfort through the endurance of our valuable stories and traditions. The freedom and perspective bestowed by such wisdom gives us sorrowful or willfully playful, curious, and irreverent cultural output in equal measure.

Like so many other folk cultures, Irish folk culture often dispenses with individual authorship in favour of the survival of stories, skills and meaning across generations. This provides organic and democratic creative practices that convey a thoughtful humility alongside the pride of shared achievements.

The visible output of Irish folk culture encompasses performing arts practices; our craftwork and handiwork; our oral traditions and expressions, including our language as both a vehicle and repository of our cultural identity; our folklore, myths, and legends; the demonstration of our enduring social values; our customs, rituals and festive events; our understanding of and interaction with nature and the universe.

As living cultural heritage, Irish Folk Culture continually responds to, evolves with, and shapes the people and communities who inhabit it and who are inspired by it. Transmitted from generation to generation, Irish Folk Culture is continuously recreated by communities in response to their environment, their interaction with nature and their history. In providing communities and individuals with a sense of identity and continuity, Irish Folk Culture promotes respect for cultural diversity and the expansive breadth of human creativity.

Siamsa Tíre’s programmes embrace all of these cultural expressions and are designed to reflect an inclusive, responsive, and contemporary approach to the rich and varied cultural heritage and creative life of rural Ireland. We consider this approach to be a continuation of the community ethos of Ireland’s traditional Rambling Houses, where stories and skills were shared and guests were welcomed with generosity, joy, curiosity, and parity of esteem.

Through our varied programmes, we continue these cherished traditions. We share our stories and expertise, we learn from others, and we invite our guests to share their skills and stories with us and with the wider world.

  • EXPLORING through creative learning, participation and development programmes
  • SHARING folk stories and traditions through in-house productions, co-productions, commissions
  • WELCOMING hosted events from local, national and international groups

The Media & Communications Officer assists with the achievement of this mission through provision of engaging media communication that helps to celebrate these traditions, upholds our values and our approach, and develops and deepens our relationships and our national remit as Ireland’s National Folk Theatre.

The Media & Communications Officer holds the following responsibilities:

1) Press & Media Relationship Development:

  • Develop a database of relevant press & media contacts, locally, nationally, and internationally with accurate up-to-date profiles of the outlets and the interest areas of individual journalists to ensure that Siamsa can appropriately communicate with them.
  • Develop and maintain positive ongoing communications both formally and informally with this network of media contacts, especially in the fields of the arts and culture.
  • Ensure programmed activities are correctly listed in local, national and (where relevant) print and online event listings.
  • Develop a clear Standard Operating Procedure for maintaining Siamsa Tíre’s Press & Media Relationships.
  • •Work closely with colleagues across the organisation to identify and shape stories about Siamsa Tíre and our activities for media consumption.
  • In consultation with the Sales & Marketing Manager, prepare and issue a range of regular high-quality press releases with accompanying imagery and visuals targeted to appropriate outlets that will maximise media placements for Siamsa Tíre’s events and activities.
  • In consultation with the Sales & Marketing Manager, generate content and pitch interviews, features, and articles about Siamsa Tíre and our activities to local, national, and international media.
  • In consultation with the Sales & Marketing Manager, devise and manage press photo shoots, media calls, and media launches that promote Siamsa Tíre and our activities.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of our communications strategy by devising, implementing, analysing and communicating evaluation and producing regular reports on media coverage, campaign progress and success.

2) Stakeholder Communications:

  • Develop a database of relevant partner and stakeholder contacts, locally, nationally, and internationally with accurate up-to-date profiles of the organisations and the interest areas of individuals to ensure that Siamsa can appropriately communicate with them.
  • Work closely with colleagues across the organisation to identify and shape stories and communications about Siamsa Tíre and our activities for key stakeholder consumption.
  • Work closely with colleagues across the organisation to develop and maintain positive ongoing communications both formally and informally with our network of stakeholder contacts, especially funding bodies, keeping them abreast of our activities in an appropriate manner.
  • Help to equip colleagues to act effectively as ambassadors for the organisation through regular liaison with colleagues including meetings and consultation about our media action plans and preparation and circulation of internal PR briefings.
  • Ensure that funders and industry partners are appropriately credited on communications.
  • If required, network, communicate, and develop positive relationships with Siamsa Tíre’s industry or business partners such as Tralee Chamber of Commerce, Fáilte Ireland, Tourism Ireland etc.

3) Public Communications:

  • In consultation with the Sales & Marketing Manager, work closely with colleagues across the organisation to maximise Siamsa Tíre’s online platforms (website, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for brand profile, presence, public communications and announcements.
  • In consultation with the Sales & Marketing Manager, commission and oversee the production of media, including articles, film and photography, for dissemination via Siamsa Tíre’s website, social media channels and third-party outlets.
  • Ensure that Siamsa Tíre’s website and social media presence play an integrated role in all communications.
  • Publicly represent Siamsa Tíre if required.

4) Donor and supporter communications:

  • Ensure that all donor and supporter communications operate within the agreed Standard Operating Procedures established by the Fundraising & Development team.
  • If required, support the Fundraising & Development team and the Sales & Marketing Manager in developing a communication plan to promote Siamsa Tíre to current and potential donors and maximize public awareness of our fundraising activities,
  • If required, support the Fundraising & Development team and the Sales & Marketing Manager in ensuring high-quality ongoing communication with supporters to maintain and develop relationships with potential and existing donors and engender longer-term individual giving.

5) Budgeting and financial management:

  • Comply with the company’s Financial Policies, Procedures and Controls including procurement policies and purchase order systems.
  • Monitor regular contracts for costs savings and identify potential alternative approaches or alternative suppliers which may offer better value for money.
  • If required and in conjunction with colleagues, identify and help with preparation of applications for potential new sources of funding.
  • If required, support the Sales & Marketing Manager with the preparation and management of the approved annual budget for Siamsa Tíre.
  • If required, liaise with the Finance Officer on a monthly basis to maintain the accurate financial position on any assigned budget performance or projections.
  • If required, assist the Sales & Marketing Manager to monitor actual spend against any assigned budget on an ongoing basis, account for divergences from budget, revise financial projections for operations and update monthly.

6) Compliance:

  • Ensure compliance with funder’s financial requirements for core or project-funded programmes.
  • Abide by, support, and implement the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all communications issued on behalf of the organization are in line with Siamsa Tíre’s brand identity and uphold our values.
  • In conjunction with relevant staff, adhere to, monitor, and (where agreed necessary) propose updates to the venue’s relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and any other staff training and monitoring material as required to ensure compliance with regulations or best practice.
  • Ensure that effective monitoring and evaluation systems for all activity are in place and regularly updated / maintained and that all funder reports for activities are accurate and submitted as required.
  • Maintain clear and orderly records, systems, and audit trails to ensure transparent and documented compliance with relevant legislation for company including employment, health & safety, child protection, data protection, insurance, licencing, financial and charity regulations, and audit requirements.
  • Work closely with colleagues to ensure that all personal data is gathered, held, and used in line with our privacy notice and the relevant data protection regulations,
  • Undertake and update formal risk assessments for activities and communicate and oversee implementation of the necessary mitigation measures with relevant personnel.
  • Ensure that third parties engaged by Siamsa Tíre to deliver activities receive appropriate and timely contract agreements, and that their invoices are processed in line with the organisation’s financial processes.
  • Ensure that policies and procedures are adhered to by any staff or contractors under their supervision.

7) External Liaison:

  • Liaise with funders and programme partners as required.
  • Liaise with contractors and suppliers of goods and services as required.
  • Liaise with third parties to ensure smooth event operations.

8) Other Duties and Obligations:

  • Attend and contribute to operations or staff meetings as may be required.
  • Adhere to staff policies and procedures as set out in the employee handbook.
  • Act as an ambassador and advocate in representing the company.
  • Adhere to procedures relating to the proper use and care of information, equipment and materials for which the role has responsibility.
  • Participate in training and development programmes/courses to maintain and improve performance and to assist in identifying self-training and support needs.
  • Participate and work within a performance management development system.
  • Undertake any other duty as may be required and set from time to time by the Executive Director.

Contract Terms Offered:

This is a temporary role to enhance organisational capacity until 30th June 2021. Salary level is set at the Full Time Equivalent rate of €41,600 per annum payable on a pro rata basis i.e. €20 per hour for 15 hours per week. While the role is anticipated to average a minimum of 15 hours per week, flexibility on hours is a requirement of the role e.g. special project delivery may require multiple consecutive days work for which paid Time Off in Lieu will be provided. A probationary period will apply. The company facilitates flexi-time working for back-office work and is currently facilitating fully remote working for staff where possible to protect against the spread of COVID-19. The position will be subject to reference checks and may be subject to Garda vetting.

Recruitment Process:

Candidates will be assessed and scored against the requirements of the role as described and against the skills and attributes sought for the role. Candidates should therefore ensure that the information provided in their applications clearly demonstrates their suitability against the requirements.

Within four weeks of the closing date for applications, shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview and candidates who have not been selected for interview will be informed that they were not selected. A second interview may be scheduled in the case of close scoring of two or more candidates.

Expenses for attendance to first interviews will not be covered. Reasonable expenses for attendance to second interviews may be covered with prior agreement.

Before the company considers making an employment offer to an applicant, we will require the contact details of two referees including both phone and email addresses. These can be provided by you upfront on your original application or, if you prefer, requested from you after your interview. These referees must be able to vouch and account for your professional expertise and experience specifically as it relates to the role that you have applied for. The referees will also be asked questions relating to your trustworthiness, reliability, and character.

The company reserves the right to form a panel of qualified candidates or not to appoint to the role from the applications received.

Contract length: 3 months

Application deadline: 29/3/2021

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary

Job Requirements
Candidate Skills and Attributes


-Previous professional experience in a similar role.
-A successful track record in devising and implementing media strategies.
-Demonstrable skill at identifying and shaping stories for the media.
-An existing network of contacts in the press, media and the arts.
-A good communicator, with a strong flair for writing copy in line with a specific brand tone of voice for defined audience targets.
-Negotiating, presentation and interpersonal skills
-Ability to work as part of a team
-Organised and highly motivated
-A creative and imaginative approach to promoting arts and culture.
-Computer literate - experience with MS office, imaging software and website content management systems.
-Knowledge of and enthusiasm for arts and culture.
-Highly trustworthy, with a proven ability to appropriately handle confidential information.
-Strong administrative ability with high level of accuracy, acute attention to detail and excellent record keeping.
-Self-motivated with a high degree of initiative to troubleshoot and implement solutions.
-Reliable with proven ability to multitask and manage time effectively to meet deadlines and reporting obligations.
-Flexibility and congeniality in a team environment.


-Knowledge & appreciation of Irish folk culture.
-Good understanding of the issues affecting media relations for arts organisations.
-Experience of developing media contacts.
-Experience of creating and commissioning media, including audio/visual media, for online distribution.
-Experience with Microsoft Office 365 cloud computing.
Siamsa Tíre, National Folk Theatre of Ireland
Michelle Murphy
Town Park
Tralee CO.KERRY V92 XW44