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Newbury, LND
United Kingdom

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Hello Connections..!! Greetings from #SmartedgeSolutions. We have a job opportunity for “(#Transport/ #Network Architect based in "#Newbury, Uk For #contract

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#Role: Transport/ Network Architect

#Location: Newbury, Uk

#Roletype: Contract

Job Description:

Various backhaul transmission technologies and routing principles

· Understanding of MPLS over IP deployment,

o IPv4 services over IPv4 Data plane

o IPv6 services over IPv4 Data plane (tunneling)

o IPv6 services over IPv6 Data plane

o Dual stack support (IPv4 and IPv6 Data plane co-existing on node and Interface).

· Understanding of IP MPLS over DWDM/OTN; IP MPLS (VPLS, RSVP-TE, LDP, L2/3VPN)

· IP RAN, Broadband Aggregation, Security (AAA, SSL-VPN, FW, IPS, UAC/NAC), IPT for Enterprise Campus, Enterprise LAN, NFV MANO architecture, & SDN (SD-DC, SD-WAN, & SD-LAN).

· Understanding of IPv6 addressing scheme - to help facilitate the migration of IPv4 network to IPv6, with impact understanding to have no or very less impact on existing IPv4 MPLS over IP services when migrated to IPv6.

· Migration Plan for IPv6 ( as needed)

· Front haul and Backhaul Synchronization needs, in IPv4 or IPv6 networks to handle 5G traffic

#Visa: #Novisasponsorship
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smartedges solution
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