Pals Preschool
Dublin, DUBLIN

Charitable / Not for Profit
Job Start Date
Experience Required
Degree Required
From €30,000 To €30,000
Per Year    
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Full-Time Permanent
No Travel Required

Job Description
Playworker, with experience or training in special needs, required for PALS (Play and Language Support) Preschool in Dublin. 
PALS provides early intervention programs for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 
PALS use evidence based teaching interventions within our preschool. 
'We are seeking a Playworker to work with autistic children and integrate play work into our regular service offerings'. 
Our preschool service offers a range of group activities during the school-day. 
These activities are delivered through a language enriched environment. 
Within PALS we use the 'Attention Autism' program, an intervention aimed to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. 
As our Playworker you will work alongside our existing service delivery providers to integrate play into the children’s daily learning activities. 
You will organise, plan and take part in play and leisure activities for our children. 
You will also care for and supervise the children, making sure that they are safe and happy. 
Your role as a Playworker is to guide and support play, making sure that it is fun, creative and safe. 
You will provide stimulating play opportunities to encourage children to learn, develop and express themselves. 
You will also have to set up and look after materials and resources, and make sure children are safely and comfortably equipped to do an activity. 
This is not a nursery or nursery assistant role. 
It is a specific Playworker role tailored to the specific needs and situation of the children who use our services. 
Responsibilities will include: 
• To contribute a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for children placed in the Setting; 
• To give support to other personnel within the Setting; 
• To implement the daily routine in the base room. 
• To provide a caring, secure environment, through individual attention and group activities, and to organise appropriate range of leisure activities for children 
• To be responsible for the Health and Safety standards appropriate for the needs of the children 
• To assist with the preparation and maintenance of materials, equipment PALS has very strict requirements and benchmarks in terms of experience and qualifications for all it’s employees. 
Requirements for this position of Playworker include: 
• Bachelor level qualification in Pedagogy 
• Qualifications in special needs 
• Qualifications Institutional Psycho pedagogy 
• Work experience and references from positions of working with children. 
• Confirmed Eligibility to Practice from the Dept of Children and Youth Affairs
Salary per annum, Euro 30,000 Full time permanent position 39 hours per week. 
Location of job: Pals Preschool, Hampton Wood Point, Hampton Wood, Finglas, Dublin 11 For further details please email cv to Amanda Doherty or post to the above address
Job Requirements
• Bachelor level qualification in Pedagogy
• Qualifications in special needs
• Qualifications Institutional Psycho pedagogy
• Work experience and references from positions of working with children.
• Confirmed Eligibility to Practice from the Dept of Children and Youth Affairs
Pals Preschool
Amanda Doherty