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NZ Dairy Careers Limited

111 Victoria Street Ashburton
Ashburton 7700
New Zealand
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The NZ Dairy Careers Programme is your opportunity to Live, Learn & Earn from the world’s smartest dairy producers - right here in New Zealand.
New Zealand Dairy Careers offer a practical training and development programme based in New Zealand that gives you the opportunity to learn from the best farmers in the world.
The New Zealand Dairy Careers Programme is unique because it is a fully inclusive training programme that provides settling in and on-going care. It combines industry best practice, practical on the job learning and formal study ​​programmes earning you industry knowledge and valuable skills.

We offer a comprehensive package that makes the New Zealand Dairy Careers Programme the premier vocational dairy training and care programme on offer today, giving you peace of mind for the entire programme.

This programme is supported by the New Zealand Dairy Industry and farmers and is a win-win solution for farmers who are willing to share knowledge and expertise and candidates who want to learn from the best.