Program Coordinator

Inco Group
Dublin, DUBLIN


Job Description

At INCO Academy, we are committed to bridging the digital skills gap and creating opportunities for underrepresented communities to obtain roles within the tech industry. In 2022, INCO Academy UK will train an additional 600 individuals on fundamental digital skills including IT support as well as soft skills, so they can gain future-oriented jobs and navigate the workplace with confidence.

What you’ll do:

  • Support with recruitment learners throughout the UK/ Ireland into our Google IT Scholarship program, in partnerships with our communications and operational teams;
  • Support with the onboarding of applicants, monitoring applications, update learner status based on acceptance, coordinate offer letters and send onboarding emails.
  • Communicate with short-listed applicants to better understand their interest in the training and ability to proceed.
  • Support with course admin, such as creating Slack/Discord groups, creating Zoom/virtual meetings and sending calendar invites to all participants.
  • Liaise with Academy Instructors to provide support, such as ensuring they have details on the learners and their skill level and are marking attendance to the courses.
  • Manage the data collection process throughout the program to facilitate a better understanding of the overall learner experience from collecting surveys, testimonials and gathering employment data.
  • Communicate with learners throughout the training and help keep engagement levels high.
  • Engage a network of specialist speakers who will join courses to provide information to learners on strategic topics. Understand which speakers are needed at which parts of the course and ensure an efficient and effective session, alongside the instructors.

Job Requirements
We are looking for a motivated individual to become INCO Academy Program Coordinator. The primary purpose of this role is to support the growth and development of the community of learners in our training programs, from when people apply to participate to when they have completed the training and beyond, with follow-up communications as required. You will be well organised and can manage multiple tasks at once. You also need to be system-savvy and be able to manage data with both manual and automated processes.

You will work closely with Program Managers, as well as the rest of the local and global INCO team. You will support the Academy Instructors with the delivery of courses and training content. You will also interact with the Partnerships and Placements Lead who will work with the learners to support them into employment.
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