RF System Engineer

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Job Description


Job Details :

Role: RF System Engineer

Location: UK

Role type: Remote

Job Description:

In this role, the candidate will be responsible for Studying, Analyzing and Recommending technical solutions and product options pertaining to:

- Software Defined Radios (SDR)

- Baseband (BB), Modem & Digital Signal Processing (DSP) operations

- Radio Frequency (RF) & Photonics

- Frequency Down & Up conversions

- Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) operations

Key Responsibilities include:

• Study and Analyze waveform and signal processing aspects of Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Radio/Modem products and associated communications systems.

• Study and Analyze the Ka band block down converter to L band or Direct IQ / Zero IF (No Intermediate Frequency) band modems

• Understand the specification/requirements and evaluate & test SDR solutions, RF and DSP solutions associated to SATCOM systems

• Diagnose hardware, firmware and software operation & efficiency in the laboratory/simulation environment, if needed

• Requirement gathering, evaluating technical solutions & products, Identifying risk, Preparation of technical reports & Case study – in a sensitive & time-bound environment


• Degree in Electrical/Electronics & Comm or other relevant engineering field.

• 8+ years of experience in related fields

• Mandatory design experience in SATCOM systems

• Design experience pertaining to SDR & RF and Zero IF (ZIF) / Direct I/Q designs

• Design experience in Modem, Baseband systems and in Ka band & L band frequency operations (e.g. receiver design for mm wave)

• Knowledge on Photonics & BLOS wave propagation & communication techniques

• Knowledge on Waveforms with LPx & anti-jam properties would be of interest

• Strong math & analytical skills

Good to have,

• Working knowledge of formal system engineering methods and signal processing tools such as MATLAB/Simulink, Octave or Python based tools.

• Familiarity with modern test equipment, vector signal analyzers, signal generators, spectrometers etc.

•Some knowledge of high-speed A/D and D/A, System-on-chip Transceivers & FPGA's

• Prior experience in RF converters


In order to be successful in this role, the following competencies and behavior skills are required:

• Excellent communication skills.

• Focus on customer satisfaction.

• Methodical problem solving and debugging skills.

• Good organizational skills e.g. time management and balancing priorities.

• Exceptional self-motivation and self-management skills, ability to work diligently.

• Demonstrated successful performance in a dynamic, multi-task environment

• Ability to work effectively with others in order to achieve meaningful results in time-bound manner

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