Surepay/SBS designer_Fixed Term _Newbury, UK.

Newbury, NET
United Kingdom

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Smartedge client is looking for Surepay/SBS designer_Fixed Term _Newbury, UK.
Experience: 5-8 Years of Overall experience including 3-4 years on the Online Charging Solution preferably on the Nokia SurePay and SPS.
1) Expertise on the SurePay Architecture (RDR,OCS) and Tariff design/Commercial Offer design.
2) Understanding on the SPS Nodes like Managed Elements and Service Manager.
3) Understanding on the Virtualized/Cloud Environment preferably Nokia Cloud Band Application Manager/Virtualized Network Function.
4) Understanding on the conversion of the business requirements into the Technical requirements for the various commercial offers.
5) Experience on the SPS-C commercial offers design.
6) Experience on the Implementation & Testing of the commercial offers on the SPS Charging Rule System Configuration.
7) Understanding on the Life Cycle on the SPS.
8) Understanding on the SurePay CDR's and conversion into SPS CDR's.
9) Expertise on the Oracle and Postgres SQL, scripting and SPS API exposed for the tariff provisoning interface.
10) Understanding on the Vodafone DCCA v2, VF DCCA Ro NGIN/MMS 1.1.0 , 3GPP R8, Sy interface, IN-CS1/2 preferable.

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United Kingdom