Wait Staff -- Choose When, Where, and How Much You Work!

Dublin, DUBLIN

Experience Required
From €12 To €13.50
Per Hour
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Part-Time Temporary

Job Description

 Eager for a dash of autumnal adventure? Take a saucy leap into the world of flexibility as you become the apple of our eye in the Wait Staff crew at WrkWrk!

Are you prepared to infuse the dining experience with a touch of enchantment? Wave goodbye to rigid routines and welcome the versatile prospects that await you at WrkWrk – the enchanting solution for those seeking temporary positions in the realm of wait staff, tailored perfectly to your preferences!

*No More Idle Moments: Attention all connoisseurs of service! At WrkWrk, you're the captain of your journey. Determine the moments, the places, and the extent to which you'll dazzle diners – all at the touch of your fingertips.
*Beyond the Ordinary Waiting: But that's not all! Explore a myriad of roles – from stirring up the scene as bar staff, taking the lead in unforgettable events, radiating as a charismatic Brand Ambassador, tackling the vibrant hustle of the kitchen, managing registers with finesse, to excelling in the dynamic world of retail.
*Seamless App Experience: Tired of the exhausting job search? Embrace the convenience with open arms! Fetch the Wrkstar app, nestled on both Google Play and The App Store – your coveted ticket to an assortment of alluring shifts.
*Serve and Shine: Ready to illuminate your journey with brilliance while embracing earnings on your own terms? Don your apron and without delay, procure the Wrkstar app – your portal to a realm brimming with flexible delight!

Is the call for change echoing within you? Forge your path as a member of the illustrious Wrkstar community today!

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Michael Funk