Paramud Brothers

Experience Required
From €30,000
Per Year    
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Full-Time Permanent
No Travel Required

Job Description

To Use electricity and torches to produce heat and solder together components made from steel, titanium, copper, and other metals
To Weld a small components like copper plumbing for residential use and large ones like pipelines for power plants or beams for buildings and bridges

to Consult blueprints and sketch in order to execute jobs and tasks to specification
To Assess equipment, structures, materials, and job specifications for appropriate welding positions and methods
To Monitor equipment for appropriate usage and temperature
To Maintain a thorough knowledge of universal standards and specifications in order to meet building codes and legal requirements
To Develop working knowledge of dozens of methods used for welding a variety of materials and components To Operate specialised machinery for industrial welding or supervises robots that do the same
To Trim metal components using heat, fire, and electricity
To Take apart and dispose of large metal objects like automobiles, ships, and other structures
To Monitor work environment for hazards and maintains healthy ventilation levels to avoid particle or gas inhalation
To Follow safety protocol, including wearing heat-resistant gloves, protective masks, and safety shoes
To Work in the construction or manufacturing industries

Posted 15/11/2021