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About Us

Getting your dream job is a few clicks away!

Thousands of opportunities present themselves every day. But without the right and instant access, job seekers often just waste their precious time, resources,and mucheffort.

But there is a proven and result-driven way to get the job of your dreams. Are you looking for life-changing career opportunities? Are you looking for the best jobs in Ireland? With Employee.ie—the job search Ireland platform, you are one step closer to achieving your goals. 

 Who Are We?

Employee.ie is one of the leading and premium job sites in Ireland, serving the community since 2014. This platform created to solve job seeking challenges in our current modern world perfectly. We make job search easier with our extensive and sorted database and approach to big business websites, get you the best opportunity to apply.

Are you looking for talented candidates for vacancies at your company? Whether it is a big contract, a permanent position, or a temporary vacancy, Employee.ie will let you find the right personalities for any position.

We understand many businesses have to struggle with the full challenging recruitment process for multiple reasons. If you ever fall into such a situation, do not get exhausted because all of that is most probably about to change. Our platform allows you to post your job ad by using the most advanced features to help you find talented employees in no time. Everyone who is looking for jobs can easily find the one that’s perfectly for them. And for recruiters, this site has lots CVs of potential employees or staff that are ready to take deals. 

What Do We Do?

We offer companies and job seekers an opportunity to use our easy navigation platform to place their job ads using features like videos, pictures, logo, recruiter description, job location, and much more. Thus, companies and agencies hire job seekers and use ad posting services at a discounted fee. Our service fees are very less for both job seekers and employers.

Our job board takes almost all the workload from your shoulders and processes it through a single platform, saving clients from any hassle or extreme stress. Our efficient platform permits job seekers and employers to communicate effectively.

Employee.ie unique features make the job search in Ireland easier as both parties understand each other better.

You can find the best jobs in Dublin and Ireland by using our engaging platform. All you have to do is click once on our search engine and type the particular jobs you are looking for and their location, and you will find all the available jobs that come from companies that are recruiting people, job boards, and websites that are huge recruitment sites.

You don't have to worry about spending so much time individually searching for each job yourself because Employee.ie uses an interface that is not just fast but also user-friendly. In only one search, you will be allowed to access millions of job opportunities and get connected with many different companies.

Job search in Ireland has never been this easy!

 Mission Statement

To help candidates get the right job they have always dreamed of providing a unique and instant experience for job seekers. We want to connect talented candidates with prestigious organizations together. We always work hard on bringing employers and seekers together.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading job-seeking platform that assists talents to build fulfilling careers. We really want to improve our lives and allow job seekers to rise like a star.

Core Values 

  • Leadership: Even as a job-seeking platform provider, we greatly understand the value of leadership. It’s necessary to have the leadership qualities to run a business successfully. This platform is flourishing day by day due to the good leadership qualities of specialists. We take our job seriously and so always strive to meet the high standards.
  • Equality: We are literally free from all forms of bias. We have with us a customer support team, who belongs to different cultures. They all work in collaboration to offer potential employees the best opportunities forgood employment and advancement. 
  • Integrity: It is our big responsibility to deliver the top-quality service you are actually looking for. We uphold all essential values and standards and always try to exceed your expectations. We value our great and authentic reputation, and that’s why providing you the finest job seeking and recruiting solution.

What Makes Us Different From Others?

  • Comprehensive services: We provide highly invaluable relevant job opportunities and, with that,offer employees an opportunity to give their resume a makeover. With Employee.ie, you can rest 100% assured that we would do everything in our power to get you the job of your dreams.
  • Large database: Our sorted database features jobs from Ireland. As a leading and professional job-seeking website, we entertain thousands of visitors every month. So we promise you to get the right fit for your job.
  • Customer-centric: We put all our clients first in whatever we do. With that, we give our valued clients direct access to job searches and many more options to find the right position. So whatever you want, we will 100% help you to find it.
  • We save you the stress: We are all aware of how recruitment is both time and resource consuming. Using our highly efficient and helpful platform helps you to save both time and your limited resources. So rather than spending all your energy recruiting talents, why not just place an ad and get applications from the most deserving candidates? We help you find the right and potential employees in no time.
  • Better access: You can use this ad posting platform to attract qualified candidates for a particular position. We get you access to a larger group of candidates. This means we always help you find the perfect fit as we are aware that our efficient platform is much-crowded with the most active and talented job seekers.
  • Expertise: Even as a business owner, you may not know about the best way to go about recruiting. Our professionals are always here to help you. If you find any difficulty during job posting and recruiting, you can get in touch with us.
  • Increased flexibility: Our platform allows you to scale the size of your team as required. You can find knowledgeable employees who are ready to take sail the ship. By adding experienced people to your team, you can better increase the overall ROI of your company.
  • Passion: We love what we do, and we do our best to help you find the right solution. Our team is highly committed to providing you with unparalleled job search experience in Ireland. We will do all the work for you!
  • Affordable services: We provide our clients the best pricing solutions keeping in mind the affordability. You can find the right employee for only a small fee, and they can build an exciting and lifelong career.


Why Is An Online Job Search Important?

Here are some top reasons to use an online job search platform:

  • Recruiters: Almost 93% of recruiters use social media to search and verify the right candidate information. Collaborating with the fastest-growing job searching platform— Employee.ie, you can get researched easily with the verified portfolio.
  • ·Competition: Successful and professional job seekers always take their job search online. In today's environment, where every little bit counts, and there is a competition every next time, it’s necessary to be competent enough. If you are not performing online job searching in Ireland, you will surely be passed up for candidates who are much efficient in this process. So it’s necessary to take this seriously and work on it!
  • Golden Opportunities: Employers prefer to search for candidates online. The online job search has made this super-easy for businesses to conduct a majority of HR operations online. That’s mean it has become necessary to be available at such platforms, just like Employee.ie, where you can find the right job position for you, and the companies can have potential candidates.
  • Geographical Location: Definitely, flexible work movements continue to gain momentum, and nowadays, more and more employers are joining in. As remote work opportunities are drastically increasing, employers' need to stick to a specific geographical location continues to drop. To reach the talented and largest talent pool, almost all employers advertise their jobs online.
  • Time Savings: Finding candidates and jobs online saves a lot of time; that’s true! Instead of sending a form letter to each employer, you can use our online job search platform to save yourself time and find a perfect and customized job according to your need.

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