Are You Inspired In Your Work?

 Why do we all work? If it is for money, then does it mean that those who earn enough to last a life time or those who inherit, should do no work? Try to find out around with your friends about why they work and surely few of them will answer - for money. If someone who has enough money decides to do no work, will it make that person happy and contented? We derive satisfaction in life by doing things that we feel are worth while. If we are sure that we have done good work, we feel peace in the heart. It gives us the approval of our ability. Let us find out if we are inspired in and with our work.

How to know if we are inspired in what we do? The first question should be - are we made for that work? Does that work fit our abilities and mental makeup? If yes, the first barrier to inspiration in work is broken. For example a person with weak physique will find the work of a sailor very unsuitable. What about enjoyment? Do you enjoy doing your work? Are you happy at the end of the day or tired and irritated? If you enjoy doing your work, no amount of hard work will tire you out totally. Otherwise your inner frustration of doing something that you don't like doing will tire you out with anger in no time.

Do you feel that your work makes other lives better? If some how you can begin getting that feeling, your inspiration in work will rise without any other help. Think of a person, who made a bed especially for a sick person. During a visit to the sick person, the maker is told that the bed has made life much better and how much the patient loves the bed and thanks the maker for that. The person who made that bed will feel extremely satisfied with his/her work after this session. Unfortunately, most of the customer interaction are handled by the marketing department now a days and the people who work to make the product, don't come in touch with the users. We all feel very satisfied if we feel that our work has made someone feel better. If the marketing person who makes good sales is thanked by the shareholders of the company for multiplying their investment, he/she will be equally happy. the point is - we feel satisfied and inspired if we give joy to other with our work.

The last test to find out if you are inspired in your work would be to find out if you show creativity in your work? Those who are inspired show creativity in some area of their work, because they want to improve the work efficiency. Uninspired souls will only wait for the day to get over while inspired ones always feel good and creative doing their work. If you have found a work that inspires you, you are very lucky, otherwise it is time to find your true vocation and get satisfaction.

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