Things to Know Before Working in Ireland



Things to Know Before Working in Ireland

Do you intend to work in Ireland? This article will help you to know the essential things regarding working in Ireland.

Whether you are looking for casual employment to simplify travel in Ireland or looking for amazing career-building opportunities, finding profitable jobs in Ireland is probably easy than you thought. There are headquarters of great multinational companies in Ireland. If you are going to start working in Ireland, apart from Irish jobs, working in Ireland can be a gateway to travel to the rest of Europe. Moreover, you will be enjoying the city life as well.

Job Market of Ireland

This country offers many opportunities for those who are looking for a job. It is among the great economies of the world. With the country’s openness and the number of opportunities, the question isn’t how to work here but picking the right program for yourself.

Ireland is looking for professionals in areas such as IT, business, hospitality, and engineering. All these industries are always searching for casual and skilled workers, thanks to the increasing popularity of Ireland as a holiday industry.

The Emerald Isle has many multinational companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Ryanair. With these multinational names, there are more opportunities available, and the chances of getting jobs increase with required qualifications and experience in the field.

In the major towns of Ireland, such as Dublin, Galway, and Cork, it will be easier to get a job. Dublin is the capital, and the cost of living in this city is higher than in other cities, but living here is very less expensive than other capital cities of Europe such as Paris and London.

To find jobs in Ireland, you should visit different websites, such You will find many job vacancies in different industries.

Shortage of skills

Although Ireland has one of the best education systems and many graduates are passed every year. Education is what a system can provide, but it cannot install skills in you unless you are unwilling to develop any skill. It does not mean that all the graduates are unskilled. Many are focused on their career and serve their country in different sectors.

This is where opportunities for foreigners are available in different major sectors of Ireland. If you are a qualified person with the required skills in your field, Ireland is waiting for you. There is a shortage of skills in several areas of the country that include:

       The Finance and business sector requires skillful business analysts, accountants, and financial advisers as well.

       The Information Technology sector requires skillful data admins, IT support professionals, programmers & coders, software developers, and app developers.

       The engineering sector requires skillful energy engineers, biomedical engineers, and chemical & electrical engineers.

       The healthcare sector requires skillful nurses, opticians, doctors, pharmacists, and radiologists.

       The hospitality sector requires skillful chefs.

       The transport sector requires skillful supply-chain managers & analysts and transport managers as well.

So, enhance your skills and apply for Irish jobs because many opportunities are waiting for you.

Irish Visa

The nationals of the European Union and the United Kingdom do not require any permit to come to Ireland. You need to have a work permit to get a job in this country if you are an international citizen. To get the visa, you need to visit the INIS or can visit the website as well.

The citizens that come from the UK and European Union can apply for Irish jobs and can work here without having any job permit. Moreover, they are treated as citizens of Ireland when doing a job here.

If you belong to a place other than the mentioned above, you require a working visa to apply for jobs in Ireland and start working here. Several permits include a permit called critical skills and a general permit as well. If you are a skilled person and are experienced in your field, getting an Irish visa is not difficult because this country is always looking for skillful individuals in major sectors.

Language Requirements

Irish and English are the major languages of the Emerald Isle. As English is considered the international language, if you have a good command of this language, you will not be facing any communication barrier because English is the language spoken in every sector. The Irish language is not spoken daily, but it has its importance as far as its culture and traditions are concerned.

When applying for jobs in Ireland, good English language skills are a must, and the know-how of the Irish language will be a plus. If you are willing to do a job in Emerald isle, but you do not have a good command of the English language, you need to get proficient in getting the job.

Protection for Migrant Workers

The rules and rights for foreign nationals are the same as that of Irish workers who enjoy employment legislation. The employees get an employment permit that contains a statement of the Irish worker's rights and entitlements. This statement includes all the legal information about when and how the worker may change his employment. It further includes all the crucial details about payment, rights under national minimum wage legislation, and payment deductions.

Working in Ireland

You will be working 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week. Being a worker, you are entitled to public holidays, sick leaves, and a paid holiday of a month every year. Emerald Isle provides 9 public holidays; they are as follows:

       Easter Monday.

       Christmas day.

       St Stephen’s day.

       New year’s day.

       Last Monday in October.

       The first Monday of May, August, and June

       St Patrick’s day.

You will be paying tax from your income. It will be deducted according to your earnings.

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