Advantages of Working in Ireland



Have you ever thought about why people travel to other countries instead of studying and working in their native lands? People move outside their home market for two main reasons; to get good career opportunities and better education.

Many people worldwide move to Ireland every year because of the career benefits it offers to foreigners. Ireland is a great place for career seekers to flourish as the country has many growth opportunities. Many foreigners come to settle in Ireland because of the benefits they get for their living and work.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of working in Ireland.

1.      Advantages of Social Security

Ireland takes good care of the social security of its people, whether they are native or not. The social security of foreigners is being taken good care of, and their number of social security is known as Service Number for the Public Person, which is also called PPSN or PPS. Once a foreign employee gets a PPS number, he/she will be able to get benefitted from the following perks:

·         Driver’s license

·         Services of public health which includes drug payments and also medical card scheme

·         Good housing grants

·         Free travel pass

·         Child immunization service

So, choosing to travel to Ireland for work even with family is a good idea as one could get many social security benefits.

2.      Endless Educational Benefits

Ireland is among those few countries of the world-famous for having the best quality education system. Ireland never compromises on its education system no matter what and prepares its students to become the finest workers able to excel in their fields. Ireland provides quality education to foreigners at almost all levels. It helps students in the long run for furthering their education for the sake of personal as well as professional development.

3.      Healthcare Benefits

When it comes to its inhabitants' health, the Health Ministry of Ireland is very much concerned. All the renowned companies of Ireland offer great healthcare benefits to their employees. Unlike many other countries, the country's healthcare system is financed by general taxes, so workers do not have to pay an additional amount of money to seek healthcare benefits. Workers also get health and life insurances from their employers.

4.      Sightseeing Opportunities

Ireland is also very famous for its beautiful sceneries, full of landscapes. The companies offer sightseeing opportunities for their workers as it is surrounded by breathtaking views which are worth seeing.

In other words, workers' mental health is also taken care of; they do not have to work all the time but can also spend relaxing time by visiting some spectacular attractions. One can also go cycling, sailing, biking, climbing or just walking to enjoy Ireland's beauty without spending much money.

5.      Cheap and Convenient Travel Options

It is very convenient for the people of Ireland, even if they are foreigners, to travel within Europe. The country, Ireland, has developed a very good and fast travel network with many airports at different points.

It makes it very easy for people to travel from one place to another without facing any hassle. People in Ireland have the fastest travel options at very low prices, so they do not have to earn extra amounts on buying and maintaining their personal vehicles.


6.      Multicultural Society


Ireland is now one of the highly multicultural societies. It has a great and friendly atmosphere. Many non-Irish people are working there and enjoying equal social status in the country. A few years back in 2014, the percentage of foreign employees employed in Ireland was only 10.

Still, the excellent growth opportunities equivalent to the Irish citizen have attracted many people from the world to work in Ireland. Foreigners are always warmly welcomed there and are highly valued by the citizens and their companies as well.

7.      Part-Time Jobs and Internships

There are earning opportunities for the students in Ireland as well. Students who want to pursue their education and want to earn to support their studies get many options to make ends meet.

Students have to attend a one-year course to make themselves eligible for part-time jobs. Students who want to get trained in their fields have internship opportunities where they can complete their studies and get practically trained simultaneously. Once the students complete their education, they are eligible to apply for full-time jobs.

8.      The Safest Country

Ireland prides itself on being the safest country, especially for foreigners. The media has often misinterpreted Ireland as an insecure and unsafe place for outsiders, which is not true. In the Global Peace Index of 2016, Ireland has been ranked at the 12th level.

People worldwide are living and working in Ireland without any kind of social or religious insecurity. Everyone is allowed to live his/her life with full independence and safety.

9.      Quality Life

In the index of life quality, Ireland is at the highest rank. As mentioned above, the network of public transportation is very good and convenient. In addition to this, the quality of air in Ireland is excellent.

The environment is very much balanced concerning economic and social aspects. People live and work in a highly safe and secure environment. However, Ireland is still working to improve all such conditions, and the world is also seeing visible results.

Whenever you look for a job, you look for comfort. Mental well-being is extremely important, and wherever you go, you need to be mentally relaxed. Keeping the above-given benefits in your mind ensures that a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle is not very hard to find. You are to find high-ranking jobs here as well; with the right kind of skills, Ireland can be your golden ticket to all the luxuries you desire.

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