Nursing jobs in Ireland 2024


Nursing jobs in Ireland are expected to remain abundant and diverse in 2024, driven by ongoing healthcare reforms and a focus on strengthening the workforce. Here are some key insights into the current landscape and opportunities for nursing professionals in Ireland:

  1. High Demand for Nursing Roles:
    • Registered Nurses: There is a continuous demand for registered nurses across various specialties including general nursing, pediatric care, and intensive care units (ICU) in both public and private healthcare settings​.
    • Specialized Nursing Roles: Opportunities exist for specialized positions such as Clinical Nurse Managers, Nurse Practitioners, and Clinical Nurse Specialists in areas like mental health, oncology, and infection control​​.
  2. Attractive Employment Terms:
    • Competitive Salaries: Nurses in Ireland can expect competitive wages. For instance, salaries for registered nurses range between €25 to €38 per hour depending on the specialty and location​
    • Additional Benefits: Nurses working in Ireland are entitled to comprehensive benefits including paid annual leave, public holidays, access to public healthcare, sick pay, and maternity leave. Many employers also provide additional training and professional development opportunities​
  3. International Recruitment Initiatives:
    • Health and Care Assistant Visa: Ireland is actively recruiting international healthcare workers through initiatives like the Health and Care Assistant Visa, which aims to attract global talent by offering streamlined visa processes and competitive employment terms​
    • Support for Overseas Nurses: There are robust support systems in place for international nurses, including training programs to help them adapt to the Irish healthcare system and career advancement opportunities​
  4. Job Variety and Locations:
    • Urban and Rural Opportunities: There are numerous job openings in both urban centers like Dublin and Cork, as well as rural areas. This offers a range of work environments from fast-paced hospitals to community health centers and care homes​
    • Diverse Work Settings: Nurses can choose from a variety of work settings including hospitals, GP practices, community health services, and home care roles, providing flexibility and career growth opportunities​

Overall, the nursing profession in Ireland is poised for growth with a strong emphasis on improving healthcare services and expanding the workforce. For those interested in pursuing a nursing career in Ireland, it is advisable to explore job listings on job platforms, and to consider the benefits of the Health and Care Assistant Visa for international applicants.


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