Golf Career

Many people enjoy golfing, and the reasons vary from person to person. For some, it's a relaxing game outside, a sport where there's no cheering or yelling and everything's carried out in hushed silence. For others, it's the challenge of perfection in the swing, getting that angle just right, the aim dead on and watching the ball fly through the air for yards, only to land near the tiny cup in the ground. Still others enjoy golf for the game itself, thrilling in lowering their scores and seeing how much better they can get.

Considering how many people golf today, it's surprising that many don't turn their hobby into a career. Just like any other passion such as painting, hockey, writing or cycling, a career in golf can end up being the job of a lifetime. Pros like Tiger Woods and Colin Montgomerie have propelled the popularity of golf into fame and fortune and the number of fans and would be tournament pros waiting for their lucky break is phenomenal. The problem is, only a select few people end up growing in ability to become the tournament pros we see on television, but there are still so many career opportunity spin offs from the sport itself that anyone who really wants to get into a golfing career can have their choice of jobs.

There are plenty of schools and colleges who will teach you the skills you need to land a golfing career, and a quick search on the internet will turn up all sorts of academies offering programs and courses to further your golf career. Some programs take only 16 months to complete, which really isn't much of a time investment to a great profession. Two solid years will earn you an associate degree in golf complex operations and management, if you're interested in the business aspect of running a complete golf course. There's emphasis on the golf pro and general golf management, both of which give you plenty of knowledge to get deeply involved in a golf career. Reputable golfing academies rely on the know how and experience of PGA professional golfers to instruct and coach the students.

The game of golf has plenty of career opportunities surrounding the sport. One golf career that may suit a lot of people and still has plenty of fame and popularity attached is the club pro. Club pros may not be the ones out there with the cameras surrounding them, but the pro shops of golf clubs are the heartbeat of the profession. Club pros are the ones who teach others how to play, repair equipment when it breaks and selling new equipment to people in search for the right club or putter. Generally speaking, most of the playing activity centers on the club pro and they're considered the experts who know what they're talking about.

Even other jobs that aren't within the playing activity of golfing are still valuable career choices. Greens keepers have become veritable experts on the golf course terrain and it's not just anyone who knows how to keep a course at its optimal playing standard. You could take that one step further and start your golf career as a course architect. New courses are always being opened to challenge players and an architect's job is to work with the available terrain while designing a new course overtop that will have players raving to bring in club memberships and sales.

There are careers that can be related to golfing, and many of these types of professions are interesting, important ones. Consider the physiotherapist who specializes in golfing injuries or the photographer who has to catch the perfect image for sporting magazines. Even the sports equipment used in golfing can end up being a career choice; someone has to craft those perfect clubs.

Every aspect of the golfing industry can lead to a job that has you enjoying something you've always shown an interest in. All you have to do to find your golf career is visit a complex and observe the many people it takes to keep the facility running smoothly and providing all the members and guests with the professional help they want and then find your niche.




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