Hardest to fill jobs in Ireland



According to new data, the most challenging jobs to fill are instrumentation engineers, advertising reviewers, and mechanical and electrical project managers.

Indeed's 'Hardest to Fill Jobs' survey of Irish job postings reveals that internet moderators, tax consultants, and construction specialists are also challenging to hire.

Indeed's investigation looked at job ads from January 1, 2023 to the end of November 2023 to see which positions were most likely to remain open for more than 60 days, indicating that they were "hard to fill".

Job offers for instrumentation engineers came in first, with just under 63% of advertised positions remaining open for 60 days or more.

These engineers are in charge of designing, implementing, monitoring, and maintaining control systems and machinery in production facilities.

Other engineering specialties are included throughout the top twenty, with several including construction-related tasks.

In the midst of a construction labour scarcity, the top 20 jobs include mechanical and electrical project managers, civil supervisors, civil technicians, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing managers, and ecologists.

The latter are obligated to report on the potential environmental and habitat impacts of proposed development projects.

Lawyer jobs rank fourth on the list, with 57% being available for more than 60 days, while tax consultant job posts remain open for 49% of that time.

Ad reviewer positions rank second at 61%, while online moderator roles rank thirteenth at just under 50%, indicating the growing popularity of online advertising and the development of social media.

Ad reviewers are in charge of ensuring that ad material is factual and suitable.

Moderators are increasingly being hired by online organisations, particularly those active in social media, to examine material and ensure that it complies with platform standards.


Source: RTE

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