Highest Paid Jobs In Ireland



Highest Paid Jobs In Ireland

Everyone wants a high-end job to be able to afford their luxurious life. High-end jobs require boosting economies, and Ireland has one of the best economy existing in Europe. If you are thinking about moving around for a career switch, keep Ireland in your mind. It is the destination for many professionals and industry kings as well. It is essential to know which jobs are profitable to make good amounts of money. 


1.      Product Manager

Being a product owner comprises strategizing, being a team leader, and brainstorming to make brand new and better products. To become a successful product manager, you must analyze and research trends in the market and customer behavior. When concerned with being successful in this position, you require excellent leadership skills and experience in the industry.


2.      Dentist 

From scrubbing teeth and performing little surgeries, dentists are in charge of keeping good dental hygiene for their patients. This can be a high money-making profession and take your career to heights. Before you begin serious work in Ireland, you will need to get a dentist's license and register on the Irish Dentist List.


3.      Technical Architect

Technical Architects are responsible for meeting the company’s IT needs. This can be from software development, security-related issues, network system. They work with the managers for IT and look over the development of systems. They provide you an excellent working environment for a better global experience.


4.      Engineering Manager

They can pursue a high-money-making money career. Within this sector, managers look over their team they ensure that all project requirements are met within the given time frame. This is an individual-driven market, giving more opportunities to candidates applying. 


5.      Physician 

The health sector of Ireland is undergoing a famine of medical staff due to the rapidly increasing population. This directly leads to more new job opportunities for individuals who want to apply for a physician's position. Unlike other medical professions, physicians are dedicated to the medical field, dedicating themselves and their expertise to that only. Dedicated oneself to people’s well-being is truly an act of true humanity.


6.      Contracts Manager

These managers' specific field serves as the link between their seller and buyer, or vendors and investors. From the beginning to the end, they overlook contracts, constantly updating them or drafting them. They also make sure that no fraud happens between two people and go through a secure term. A part of their work duty includes making sure that both ends of the party abide by the policies and fulfill the agreed terms.


7.      Actuary

Actuaries have a key role in a business and are paid handsome amounts for it as well. To be clear, actuaries keep an eye on the risk factors. Their responsibility requires them to know and research the statistics involved in the risks of a company's financial investments. New and better competitors are in the market, and there is healthy competition amongst them, which brings good salary options for the employees.


8.      Sales Director 

Sales Directors have the responsibility for holding a major role in their companies. They are also responsible for guiding their team, consisting of sales managers. They are also required to have a sound knowledge of sales, as to know where there are risks of loss, or the opportunity to get a profit.

They are also required to make the business reach heights, maximize profit opportunities, and minimize loss chances. To achieve this, they must plan and strategize accordingly and stay updated with market trends.


9.      Baker

People always want new flavors in the market, and the majority of people have sweet tooth. Taking advantage of this, you can excel in the bakery industry. Bakers in this specific country can have the best of both worlds. Those individuals who have their own businesses or even those who work in high-ended ones have a chance of having high wages. If an individual has a degree in culinary education or even a good amount of experience in this field, they can be in good ranks in the market. 


10. General Practitioner 

They are often known to be “family doctors.” When someone comes into the hospital, the first contact between the hospital and the incoming patient is the general practitioner. Their major duty is to diagnose the patient with a medical condition or take some action to cure them.

If they cannot provide specific treatment to the patient, they refer them to some medical help. They provide care to patients with chronic or acute diseases and provide healthcare to them. General practitioners also often give education related to health as well.


        11. Finance Director 

Being a senior executive team member, they make sure to manage all companies' views financially concerned matters. They help the company for long-term growth and establish such strategies that the company financially booms in the market. Their responsibility also includes team management and economic development.

They set the annual budget for the company keeping in view the market trends. They have characteristics that they can adapt to continually changing circumstances and build budgets according to those. Finance directors should have the ability to communicate develop financial information to both professionals and un-skilled specialists. They must be able to have good management skills and be able to communicate with people accordingly. 


All in all, to achieve high-end wages, you must have qualifications accordingly. If you feel like you are under-qualified, invest in your education and experience in your free time. An individual is never too late to learn a new skill; make sure to update and polish your skills from time to time to stay up to date to high-end job requirements. Give your best, and avoid staying idle unnecessarily. 

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