Most Demanding jobs in Ireland 2021



Most Demanding jobs in Ireland 2021

A multicultural, lively country with rugged hills and vivid traditions, Ireland has become a popular destination for many aspiring professionals. Ireland indeed has a flourishing job market that provides opportunities to people in any industry. It's Europe's second freest economy. If you are also thinking about your next career move, start looking for jobs in Ireland. But, before you do that, you must figure out which Irish jobs are in high demand. 

Although there was an immense loss of businesses across the globe in work this year, the tech industry is the only one that fortunately stayed resilient. Due to the Covid-99, many organizations around the world had to reprioritize their technology strangles and objectives. That led to a surge for specific roles in the technology area.

It is no secret that even Ireland is quickly approaching full employment. In 2021, there has been an increased demand for skilled professionals across various industries. That includes engineering, financial services, and technology. Irish jobs in demand pay a generous amount of salary and give benefits to employees to attract them. Mostly, people who have skills and expertise in the following careers are highly in demand in Ireland.

Highly Demanding Irish Jobs In 2021

Information technology and the internet

Many people have said that they foresee a high demand for functional project management. This project management relies on delivering projects outside core software applications and engineering in processing transformation, including insurance claims, construction projects, and retail banking.

People also predict that there will be more and more jobs for functional project managers in Ireland. They will upskill to become technical project managers. This domain consists of positions like scrum masters, technical project managers, and product owners, replacing traditional duties of program managers and software development project managers. 

When the tech economy is growing, you need a larger tech workforce. In specific, you'll need IT leadership around site reliability engineers and cloud strategy. It also includes network engineering. Trends have changed course, and things like growing mobile commerce, 5G, and Al are becoming more prominent. They are increasingly becoming an essential part of our lives. The industry needs more skilled workers in the tech functions. In particular, software engineering (Java and Python) is highly in demand.

Engineers and software developers are continuously high on demand because more companies select Dublin as their EMEA HQ. They open up their software developers centers in Ireland. In particular, Java software engineers with a lot of experience are in demand. Those who have had exposure to the monolith legacy platforms/applications are also of value to companies. 

Automation Engineer

Jobs in Ireland for automation engineers are also in demand. An automation engineer makes use of technology to streamline and improve a plethora of manufacturing processes. Because the medical device and pharmaceutical spaces are rapidly growing in Ireland, the demand for automation engineering is rising.

Ireland is not the second-largest exporter in Europe of medical devices. These devices also account for 10% of all the Irish exports. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Boston scientific are creating the demand for this Irish job countrywide. 

Financial Services – compliance & risk professionals within Asset Management

Many of the world's leading asset management companies and investment banks are opening more functions in Dublin. Their primary focus is on the compliance and risk space. Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Barclays are two significant examples that illustrate the high demand. There has been an 18% rise for senior managers in this field. 

Insurance (compliance professionals) 

If you look on a large scale, Ireland's appeal as an excellent insurance center has grown. That attributes in part to the European union's insurance framework directives. They allow insurance companies in Ireland to carry out business in all European Union states.

Those who specialize in the compliance area will be highly in demand, and they will be able to seek more premium salaries in 2021. The field of insurance has always had a shortage of knowledgeable and experienced candidates. That makes them look overseas for suitable candidates. In 2021, experienced insurance professionals can expect a rise in demand. 

Languages – Multilingual professionals

The need for multilingual talent to support international corporations such as Twitter, Google, and Salesforce is increasing rapidly. That is because the interests of Ireland in the global market have become progressively apparent.

Languages deemed most desirable include French, Dutch, and German. Most corporations usually have to hunt overseas to search for component and proficient candidates. Candidates from Ireland that happen to be experts in any of these languages have a higher chance of getting a highly-paying job in 2021. 

Marketing– Professionals in content marketing

In a world where there is an overload of information, content creators grab the attention of people. The more successfully they do that, the more they will prosper. With the increase in digital technology, content marketing is a highly demanded job in 2021.

Nowadays, companies are hiring committed content teams that can develop their brand and make their business attractive. In Dublin, the demand for this job is very high. 

Sales – Account Managers and business developers 

For each organization across most sectors, the sale is a crucial aspect. There is a strong demand for account managers and business developers in 2021 within the sales industry. Candidates who have language skills are more in need that includes languages in Europe and those used in emerging markets.

There is a lack of language skills and eligible talent. That is why companies often source abroad to look for suitable candidates. Those who have these skills will prove to be more popular amongst employers in 2021. 

So these are the most demanding jobs in Ireland, what do you think about it? Will you consider doing job in Ireland?

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