Pros and Cons of Moving to Ireland



Pros and Cons of Moving to Ireland

Are you thinking of moving to Ireland and want to work here? If so, it’s necessary to know about all pros and cons of moving to Ireland. Although Ireland is small in size, it has many big opportunities to offer, including a vibrant culture, diversity, lively people, lush landscapes, and high-paying job vacancies.

The 'Celtic Tiger', which observed the Irish economy and property market flourish from the mid-1990s-2000s, took it from one of the EU’s inferior countries to one of the richest.

The downturn that followed affected Ireland as severely as any Western country, but the country bravely sprung back and experienced a fantastic economic boom in the last couple of years. However, in light of Brexit, regulations saw big businesses move the European headquarters to Dublin.

Undoubtedly, the Irish capital has become the most popular with expats since the growth in the city’s economic projections that the demand for housing has drastically skyrocketed, resulting in flock prices up to the extent to which locals can’t even afford to live in the city any longer. Despite the skyrocketed pricey cost of living in Ireland, the quality of life remains superb, and the lifestyle balances many of the big life’s challenges.

Here are some pros and cons of expat life in Ireland:

Accommodation in Ireland

·         Budget-Friendly Accommodation:

Like we said above, Ireland offers a wide range of accommodation options are readily available to suit any budget. Many metros, including Dublin, are quite an expensive option to live in, but you can find many budget-friendly options toward these cities' outskirts. Most places come fully-furnished, including tables, couches, dressers, and a new mattress.

Nowadays, most residents prefer moving away from metros, like Dublin consider moving into commuter town in surrounding countries.

Working in Ireland

·         Annual Leave:

If you live in Ireland and work there full-time, you are entitled to 20 days of annual leave by law. You can enjoy this annual leave opportunity and surely can’t get away with not taking any annual leave. Most companies will also reward the employees with extra vacation days to long-term employees.

Cost Of Living

·         CON: Cost Of Living Is High:

The cost of living here is extremely high, as everything here is a cost in EUR, which ultimately increase the living cost due to the high demand for accommodation in cities like Dublin.


·         PRO: Safest location:

Ireland is the safest place to live, and having guns there is illegal unless you own a farm. Compared to the USA, gun crime here is non-existent. But like anywhere, there could be some bad areas, so precautions are required.

·         CON: Less police:

You couldn’t find a massive visible police presence here, so the response time you may need from police will be much slower.


·         PRO: Pubs:

Ireland is the richest country when it comes to pubs because it has a lot of pubs. You can easily take a walk there, and you can find a lot of pubs. Whether you are looking for full-on standing room-only or highly energetic shout-over-the-noise pubs, Ireland has everything.

·         CON: Alcohol and More Alcohol:

You can easily find alcohol in Ireland. You can enjoy every occasion with a glass of wine. This city is also famous for its sights and theatres, music, and lively people.


·         PRO: Plenty of public transportation

Ireland offers plenty of public transportation options. You can easily find a rental car, amazingly cheap and could travel on buses. While moving to Ireland, one must always figure out much about local train and bus times.

CON: Delays and expensive fuel

As mentioned above, this city is small, and so are its beautiful roads. Almost 3% of the population there lives in Dublin so that expats can expect the high traffic associated with any major city. Similarly, petrol in Ireland is costly, so keep that in mind.

Are you in Ireland for a job?

So have you moved here and looking for a job? The good news is is here with a bundle of job opportunities to let you find the best fit for you.

Culture Shock

·         PRO: Proximity to Europe:

You will be shocked by experiencing the rich culture, all praise to its marvellous location. Ireland is definitely the best launching pad for traveling. It’s so because Barcelona is almost 2 hours away, Rome is 3 hours, so if you want to enjoy the short trip, then the UK is almost 45 minutes away. So surely, Ireland is the perfect base to enjoy the rich European culture.

·         CON: The weather:

You can experience the variation in weather conditions in Ireland. It because of the size and location in the middle of the Atlantic. It could be rainy and sunny, mix variation at any point in a whole day. You could experience snows here.



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