Reasons to Come and Work in Ireland



10 Reasons to Come and Work in Ireland

As each day is passing by, more multinational companies are basing themselves on Ireland. Consequently, there has been a rise in the country's economy in recent years. The amount of work in the Irish capital is increasing. There's no better time to consider it as a perfect destination for travel and work. 


Here are the top 10 factors why you should drop everything and start checking out jobs in Ireland:


1.      The Language

The first official and national language of Ireland is Gaelic. It's still spoken in many Gaeltacht regions all across Ireland. However, most of the population still uses English as their first language. Most people speak English across the world, so it would be easy for you to communicate. 


2.      Ireland is known to be the door to Europe:

Ireland is known to be the door to Europe because of its geographical location. You can even find many low-cost flights to the rest of Europe. You can take these flights from airports in Shannon, knock, Cork, Belfast, and Dublin. When you're doing an Irish job, you might not want to limit yourself to Dublin, or your job might require you to travel often. That way, you can save your cost and work simultaneously. 


3.      They require no work permit for EU members:

Every EU citizen can move and work in Ireland freely, without any limitations. The country has also started using the Euro as its currency. Recently, 18 other members of the European Union states use the Euro as their currency. If you are from any of these states, it will be much easier for you while doing a job in Ireland. 


4.      Friendly and safe:

If you are looking for an Irish job, you will be excited to know that the Irish people are famous for their positive and welcoming attitude. One of the unique selling points of Ireland is the friendliness of its people. That attracts many who want to do jobs in Ireland. The warm welcome makes Ireland the perfect choice for a vacation or relocating for work. The crime rates are also low, and that's why police officers don't need to carry a gun. 


5.      Market- it's the gateway to Europe because many European headquarters of multinational companies are located here:

In Europe, Ireland gets a ranking as the number one place for business. That's because of the many attractive factors like low taxation rates. Most of the world's largest and successful companies have their headquarters in Ireland. That includes Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Boston scientific, and EA. Unemployment rates in Ireland are not high.  


6.      Climate:

The climate of Ireland is moist, mild, and changeable. There are no extreme temperatures in all seasons. In summers, the weather goes as high as 20°C, while in winters, it's -5°C at night. The lush green countryside of Ireland is very popular. There are many beautiful landscapes and amenities for those looking for an adventure. When you're doing an Irish job, you won't have to get bored. You can enjoy the weather and the scenery. 


7.      National grocery stores:

The number of people shifting to Ireland for work from multiple companies has increased. That's why there's a significant rise in the demand for delicacies from across the globe. Grocery stores in Ireland have started to stock specialty products and goods to satisfy the needs of people. More and more stores are opening up in Ireland. You will find many local Asian and Chinese stores over there. That means when you're doing a job in Ireland, you can enjoy your favorite food from home. 


8.      Music and culture

In Ireland, the culture includes music, language, dance, folklore, art, cuisines, literature, and sports. The vibrant and cultural heritage makes Ireland a more popular destination for travel and work.

All these traditions are commonly carried out throughout Ireland every day in different ways. There's no single national culture in Ireland. Instead, there are multiple different regional ones. At the pub, many people gather to discuss sports, play music, and exchange stories. When you go to Ireland for your job, you can pick out an activity you enjoy the most and spend quality time. 


9.      The extensive market for jobs:

In Ireland, the economy has recovered from the recession after the financial crisis in 2008. In 2018, the 6.7% growth in GDP was remarkable, and it was the fastest in Europe. In 2019, the country had the second-fastest growing economy in the EU. The development of the central bank in Ireland has also been 3.6% until now.

The wages are now healthier, and they are rising day by day as the economy is approaching full employment. Inflation is also weak. That is why the Irish paycheque will hold its value in the future. Thus, it would be more beneficial for you to do an Irish job. 


10. The world's leading business culture:

In Ireland, Dublin is the perfect place to advance your career. This city is business-friendly, and it nurtures excellence. For many years, this city has only prioritized competitiveness. You could be working in any field, and your career will still benefit from working in Dublin. The recent prosperity of Dublin goes to the economy of the country.

The leaders of Ireland recognized the potential in the city to attract international businesses and talent. The authorities of the country developed Dublin's historic docklands. This area is an iconic one. That's because it's the new home for thriving tech and financial industries. Ireland is a world-class country for talent and business.

It's still doing great in its rankings for competitiveness. In the world competitiveness rankings (IMD), Ireland ranks as the 20th country. This ranking is done based on metrics related to competitiveness in business. Ireland is the number one in these three primary areas:

  • The availability of senior managers 
  • The openness to foreign ideas and national culture
  • The adaptability and flexibility to the latest challenges. 
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