The Most In-Demand Jobs in Ireland in 2023


An Overview of Employment in Ireland

Ireland has maintained its status as one of the EU's fastest-growing economies through consistent economic growth. The labour market has been steadily growing, providing a wide range of opportunities in different industries. Some industries are predicted to grow significantly in 2023, which will increase the number of high-demand jobs in Ireland.

Ireland's thriving industries

In 2023, a number of industries are expected to rule the labour market and provide a plethora of options for job seekers. Among the most prosperous sectors are:  

Medical Care

An ageing population and rising medical service demand present major challenges for Ireland's healthcare sector. Medical professionals with the necessary training, including physicians, nurses, and chemists, are now in high demand.


With the establishment of European headquarters by major multinational corporations like Google, Apple, and Microsoft in Ireland, the country's technology sector has grown rapidly in recent years. The need for qualified IT workers, such as software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity specialists, has grown as a result.


In the upcoming years, the engineering sector is also anticipated to grow significantly due to the need for qualified engineers in a variety of fields, including biomedical, electrical, and civil engineering.

Greetings and Travel

Professionals in the hospitality industry are in high demand, especially chefs and hotel managers, as a result of Ireland's burgeoning tourism industry.

Accounting and Finance

Professionals in the finance and accounting sectors are in high demand due to Ireland's robust economy and expanding financial sector. In this sector, accountants, financial analysts, and risk management specialists are in high demand.

Ireland's Top 10 High-Demand Jobs for 2023:

Based on industry growth trends and skill shortages, the top 10 high-demand jobs in Ireland for 2023 are listed below:

  1. An expert in cybersecurity Cybersecurity specialists are required to help safeguard sensitive data and shield businesses from possible breaches due to the growing threat of cyberattacks.
  2. Software Developer: Due to the continued growth of the technology industry, there is a great demand for software developers, especially for those with experience in programming languages like Python, C++, and Java.
  3. Data Analyst: Data analysts are in greater demand as more companies rely on data-driven decision-making to help them make sense of massive amounts of information.
  4. Financial Analyst: In Ireland's expanding finance sector, financial analysts are highly valued for their expertise in assisting businesses in making well-informed financial decisions.
  5. Chef: With Ireland's hospitality and tourism sectors expanding, there is a greater need for qualified chefs, especially in upscale dining establishments.
  6. Hotel Manager: In the rapidly expanding tourism industry, hotel managers are required to supervise the daily operations of lodging establishments and guarantee a high degree of guest satisfaction.
  7. Registered Nurse: In Ireland, registered nurses are still in great demand due to the healthcare industry's continuous need for qualified nursing professionals.
  8. Pharmacists are in great demand to meet the needs of Ireland's ageing population as the healthcare sector continues to grow.
  9. Accountant: With the nation's economy expanding and a large number of international corporations headquartered there, accountants are required to assist in managing funds and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  10. Project Engineer: Professionals with this expertise are highly sought after in a variety of industries, but especially in the building and civil engineering domains.


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