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AD 360.eu

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AD360.eu is Advanced Digital - Europe.. We drive business through automation, AR and future tech solutions. Make the global economy work for you. Bring your genius to your audience.

Most businesses make stark choices in regard to digital marketing; hire a fresh intern and let the little mite run riot on Facebook, go for some preppy hipster agency that charges monumental amounts for stereo-typing, or dump the whole lot on a marketing/sales manager, valiantly expected to go toe to toe with the big boys of digital media. How about something different and a whole lot less expensive in the long run? Digital Disruption, You've got it!
Our main services include:
Social media ...simple.
Cross Platform - automation, sites, content control
Marketing strategy - Digital, media, PR, local search.
Sites - Communication Strategy
Profiles, Logos, Branding, Motto, Widgets
Software and Tools - which one's work best for you!
Social media audit - we do it for free!
Competitive analysis, Environmental Strategy, Blue Ocean Strategy
Content Strategy - Blog design, setup and/or optimization, images, video, text, etc.
Blog - writing, sites, tailored content, technical content, etc.
Strategy development - site, social, mixed media, timelines, "go to market,"etc.
Monitoring + Control
Analytics - Google, Site specific, market specific, etc.
Project Management
Digital Transformation - Virtualization, AR, VR, Linux, Security Management, etc.
Outsourcing - Go Global - cheaper and better!
Bespoke - that something specific.