About This Employer

Dim University

51 E. 14th St.
Chicago, IL IL 60605
United States
Created in 2014 by International Entrepreneur Momodou N'jie (Mo), Dim University is an online school and networking community that helps students around the world pursue their dreams. Built for students of life, the program provides a roadmap based on what each individual views as success, whether that’s starting their own company, getting their dream job, or transitioning into a new career.

Dim is along for the ride. Through strategic experimentation, we have built workshops, online chat groups, and hybrid mentorship opportunities to support our students throughout their journey. The program is created to support virtual and in-person participation so that all of our students have access to the same resources worldwide

We have extensive experience working with a network of creatives in a range of industries such as food, fashion, music, sports, and social justice in cities across the world, including Chicago, New York, LA, Toronto, London, and Johannesburg. This gives us a broad understanding of how to help students navigate their careers, and we focus on connecting them with other creatives with who we collaborate within their markets.

If students are interested in continuing their growth with our company, we offer an Intern Manager role that helps students build leadership skills through one-on-one feedback sessions, real-world management situations, and the ability to lead projects with their assigned intern team.