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Education Consultancy

Xinlung Group Established in 1999 consists of the following companies:
UKEC is one of the UK's leading education consultancies, partnered with over 100 UK universities. We aim to help international students to achieve their dream of studying in the UK.

Excel College
Excel College is an English language school. Accredited by British Council and a member of English UK, Excel College offers high quality English courses, university preparation courses, and excellent education services.

Ybirds Media is one of the most popular online platforms for the Chinese community in the UK to share information, find entertainment and for social networking. Ybirds Media aims to help the Chinese community live a better life in the UK

StuLiving specializes in student accommodation services. Operating under a dedicated website, it is widely regarded as one of the most reliable accommodation comparison and booking sites among overseas students

Xinlung Visa
Xinlung Visa, regulated by the OISC, offers expert immigration advice and student visa application services

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