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nakoo.net – people in business

nakoo.net is a new social marketing service designed to remove all obstacles for businesses wishing to go online by ensuring they can avail of features and functions previously only available to large companies.

The nakoo.net philosophy is to develop a model of working side by side with business owners and to offer an all in service that includes a network for SME’s to work together online to support each other and to develop their social marketing presence.

Part 1
Who are our target audience
Small to medium sized businesses, from sole traders to 20 employees. The following are a typical subset of these
• New Start-ups
• Existing businesses not showing up on search engines
• New or existing Businesses who do not have an online payment system
• New or existing Businesses who do not have an online shop

Tradesman – webpage, SEO, online payment system, network membership
Hairdresser - webpage, SEO, appointment booking system, network membership
Small Retailer - webpage, SEO, online shop, network membership
Any (non tradesman) service provider - webpage, SEO, online payment system, network membership, private networking tool for their paying members
Training Provider - webpage, SEO, online payment system, appointment booking system network membership, private resources online for paying members.

What's our competitive advantage

An important competitive advantage is that each nakoo.net webpage and shop exist in their own online space with their own web address but also reap significant benefits from being hosted in a community of webpages and shops with a huge number of daily visitors;
- each time you save your webpage, it also gets a mention on the nakoo.net home page and also in the web pages section
- each time you upload a product in your online shop, the product gets a mention on the nakoo.net home page and also in the nakoo.net shopping plaza
- each time a classed product is uploaded, it also appears on the products section
- each time a public network post is entered on the business profile page, it also appears on the nakoo.net home page and also in the web pages section

All the above means that once a business purchases a presence based on the nako.net platform, it will ever again be lost in the online wilderness the way many stand-alone sites do.

Other competitive advantages:
• Highly competitive on price
• Flexible offering – choose from a list of options
• Fast setup
• Simple owner edit function

Part 2
Who we are/Why we are
Nakoo.Net was set up to help small businesses avail of many online benefits previously only available to larger businesses with larger budgets. As the theme of ‘People in Business’ indicate, it is a platform designed to join business in a mutually beneficial small business co-operative type business media platform ….

What we have to offer
The nakoo.net mission is to provide online marketing and trading tools for SME’s including:
• an instant online shop that is easy to use
• an instant website that is easy to update
• fantastic visibility on search engines – multiple keywords
• free product listing
• an appointment booking and payment system – no ongoing fees or per booking fee
• an online payment system for tradesmen – no extra monthly bank fees
• a full featured network profile – business owners can display all their social media feeds in one place including all their shop products
• Instant reach to all other business on the nakoo.net platform
• a network group – share resources and develop customer interactions in a private space
• membership of a nationwide business network - customers can network with each other, refer business to each other, access professionals/advice and also have access to group buying discounts

What can we offer that our competitors don’t

• No direct competitors in that no single platform offers SEO, webpage, online payment, online shop, network membership, appointment booking in one place.
• Web designers can offer the individual components, but for a much higher price and without the benefits of network membership
• The simplicity of the site is that it gives store owners the possibility to upload their goods easily and quickly from wherever they happen to be and the stripe payment gateway gives customer a simple no-registration payment method.
• Better Seo than free sites
• Easier to edit than competitor sites
• Fast easy online shop setup
• No on-going payments for credit card payments, producty listing, online sales or appointment booking payments

What sets us apart
People in business – a community of business owners working together through the membership while also availing of numerous online tools to increase their reach.

What are the benefits of our membership

A minimal yearly payment €100 ensures on-going access to all the features
• Domain Name, SEO, webpage
• Unlimited product listing
• Unlimited shop products
• Unlimited appointment booking and payment
• Unlimited credit card payments
• Benefits of a shared platform
• Built in Networking

Why chose us
• Flexible, all-in online presence, fast setup, no hidden costs, security and stability of unlimited usage with no extra costs.
• Fast setup

Part 3

What are the packages

Premium Package
Webpage (not website)
Product Listing
Appointment Booking
Networking Facility
Network Membership
Online Payment System
Full Online Shop

Standard Package
Webpage (not website)
Product Listing
Appointment Booking
Networking Facility
Network Membership

Basic Package 1
Webpage (not website)
Networking Facility
Network Membership

What experience can members enjoy

1. Immediately on payment, each business will get an SEO enabled webpage either as a landing page or in place of a stand-alone website with its own domain – depending on the package purchased, this will be followed with an online shop, appointment booking system, credit card payment system or product listing (classifieds).

2. On handover – the business owner will receive instructions on editing and using all elements of the package (mostly video instruction). Once the business is fully paid up, each business can introduce their business to all other members through the network.

3. This will be followed up with access to participating businesses through the share and like features of the shop and profile pages – each business owner can request to be friends to other businesses, like their shop or profile and in return each business will like their online presence thereby magnifying their business exposure significantly overnight. This could be followed up by each (opt-in) member agreeing to also like each other on Facebook etc thereby extending the reach of each business even further.

4. From the first month, there will be on-going engagement through the network and all businesses will be kept up to date through a monthly newsletter so that business who does not want to be active on the network will not be excluded.

5. On-going business activity will include online sales, online bookings, customer queries and posting information/marketing updates.

When does membership run. Jan to Jan/ July January or date they join for 12 months etc.

• Membership runs for twelve months from registration and setup

Part 4

Can you especially highlight the prominent features & membership advantages?

Search engine optimisation
We endeavour to get your business list on Google with our optomised SEO your Nakoo.net business platform presence and backlinks are viewed as credible

Boost credibility and trust
A listing on Nakoo.net is a sign of a trustworthy business.

Increased visibility and awareness
A Nakoo.net listing can massively improve your chances of getting your brand in front of new clients. Nakoo..net works like your own business development manager

Make local business connections
Business directories build supportive communities. New and established businesses on nakoo.net can connect with other companies and become part of a nationwide network You can find and interact with people offering complementary services. You’ll gain referrals and benefit from mutual support.

Social media support
Nakoo.net showcases all new members on our social media platforms and this will ensure exposure. Our Directory has a community of more than 10k on Facebook and instagram, which is free bonus to members. Every week the business who has the most integration on our Facebook page gets a FULL week of exposure on the cover page of our Facebook page giving our businesses vital exposure to our social media community.

An affordable way to advertise
Marketing can be an expensive investment, particularly for SMEs. Nakoo.net offer tiered membership packages and renewal membership fees.

Part 5

Potential Network Activity

Contributors Groups.

These are groups run by business providing advice and support to network members. Very often these businesses will also offer discounted prices for members if they hire them for a service not provided by the network.

Each business should join and post a short note about the services/product they offer. They may also post a question.

As other business set up their groups, we will make sure each business is joined.

The Business Network

Referral Friday - each Friday businesses will be encouraged to pass on business to other businesses on the site. The concept is that if you are seen to pass on work to others, then others will pass on work to you in the hope that you will pass on some to them etc. An example of this is a roofer knows of someone looking for a quote from a landscaper and posts this on the site, the landscapers are then very inclined to return the favour and others also see this and want to be part of it also

General Discussions - introductions, connections with other businesses etc – being a member of this group allows you to contact other businesses directly for introductions or information about their area etc.

Promote your own Services/Products – businesses can post special offers or new products/services. This must not be used to spam others, posts should be real and significant offers or of real interest. Non-stop posting as is often done in social media sites will not be allowed.

Join the Group Buying Club

This group will allow businesses to sign up for discounts from providers of various products/services. The first of these are being negotiated and will be discounted insurance including business insurance, home insurance and vehicle insurance.

Business owners will also be able to suggest products or services that could be included and we will attempt to negotiate group rates for these.

If a Nakoo.net business has a product or service that they are willing to discount and make available to all members, this can be included as one of the group buying offers.