About This Employer

Spiralli Business Solutions

Unit D, Springmount House, Market Square
Mallow CO.CORK
Spiralli are here to put a spring in the step of owner/managers venturing out onto the web in search of reduced operating costs and increased sales. We want to see local businesses succeed and we can provide some of the vital tools needed for success. We are growing a wide selection of partnerships with other business service providers and aim to be the next stop for businesses on their journey from the local enterprise board to business success.

All types and sizes of businesses come to us for our expertise and excellence in customer care. We have successfully worked with a wide range of businesses from start-ups to multinationals, from local bakers to financial consultants, in person and remotely as far away as Ghana, US and India.

We also provide a venue where business coaches, mentors, business development managers and professionals can provide knowledge and training to local micro, SME, national and multi-national businesses in Munster. One of our long term goals is to develop a centre of excellence for small business training in Munster. Spiralli is a one stop shop for owner/manager training and support both online and offline.